Stars are Born! Judy vs Barbara vs GaGa Drag Show

The Palace Theatre & Art Bar


How did you come up with the concept?

In 2005 I had been frustrated at the lack of really creative performance outlets in Seattle and finding my personal bookings kind of light, I decided it would be good to start up a monthly show. So I sat down with some friends and came up with Bacon Strip.

How long has Bacon Strip been happening?

BaconStrip, the big Gay Variety show, has been going since the first Saturday night of November 2005.

The performances are quite different from an average drag show; the audience loved it! Why do you think the shows unorthodox format works so well? Well I think the performers like it because being a themed show it challenges them to come up with something different. One of my first rules, no normal songs you could see someplace else. If you must do a regular song do it in a way that would make it in a new way that the audience has never seen it before. I think the Audience loves it because every month it is something new. The show is completely different. We also serve actually bacon to the audience every month served from hot men and a side of sass. Most everyone loves bacon and fun. I think it’s a great match. My goal is having fun, loving and interesting environment for all. Celebrate Craziness.


This event has ended


The Palace Theatre & Art Bar

5813 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98108, USA

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